Posting the incident on Instagram, Nigerian rapper, Ruggedman claimed that the police officer Omolara Sunday is from Alagolo Police Station, in Ipaja-Ayobo, Lagos, opposite Igbogila Health Centre.

In the video he published on the social media platform, the policewoman is seen fighting with a lady identified as Cecelia Adeniji inside a car. According to Ruggedman, the car belongs to a filmmaker, Lanre Adediwura.

Ruggedman in his post also claimed that the policewoman ripped off her own uniform and lied that it was the filmmaker that assaulted her.

He wrote: Officer Omolara Sunday caught on video assaulting a pregnant woman. She is from rom Alagolo Police station, Ipaja ayobo, Lagos opposite beside Igbogila health centre Ayobo. This was in the car of filmmaker Lanre Adediwura @lanreadediwura .

Shortly after, the corrupt officer ripped her own uniform and lied that it was the filmmaker that assaulted her. While the video clearly shows her beating a pregnant Cecelia Adeniji.

To make the matters worse, officer Omolara Sunday and her colleagues framed Lanre and the pregnant Cecelia for assault, took them to Ejigbo Magistrate Court 2, after Isheri. Where the judge adjourned the case and ordered them to be remanded in police custody until the process their bail and be set free. 

But officer Omolara Sunday defied court orders and illegally took Lanre and pregnant Cecelia who she assaulted and framed to Kirikiri maximum prison. Where they stayed for 24hours.

We want officer Omolara Sunday of Alagolo police station Ipaja Ayobo to face the wrath of the law for. 

1. Lying to the court of law

2. Defying court orders

3. Unlawfully imprisoning an innocent Lanre and pregnant Cecelia.

We need the Nigerian police to show us they do not support the police brutality that is becoming rampant. We need to see these officers punished for their crimes.