Covid-19 Fraud Alert!!!

A  few minutes ago, somebody called me  supposedly from Zenith Marina Lagos,  requesting my Zenith bank card number. He told me that they wish to credit my account with N25,500,  being my own share of the Covid-19 relief package from the Federal Government. He dictated my BVN and my date of birth and asked me to confirm both details, which to my surprise, he got correctly.  He advice me not to get off the phone since I have only 10 minutes to give him the information he requested from me. Nontheless, I switched off. He called me back and was upset that I went off my phone. I told him that I went to look for my ATM Card. He asked me if I have the number ready, I told him that I am still looking for it. He now started advising me about the need to strictly adhere to the Federal Government fight against corruption.  He talked about the need to be careful in all my dealings, since unscrupulous people are duping people of their hard earned money. I listened patiently.  He then asked me if I have the card number ready,  I reminded  him that they from the bank have  asked us not to release our bank information. He said yes, but told me that this his request is different because they need to credit my account based on Federal Government directive.  I told him to please permit me to call my accounts officer from Zenith bank. When he went on to argue, I switched off and called my accounts officer. My accounts officer told me that the man is a fraudster.  He expressed  frustration on what is currently going on. He begged me to share this story so that others will be informed.

Pls people,  be careful and ensure that these fraudsters do not convince you to give out your card information.  May God help us!!



  • Always confirm all transactions with your bank or family and friends
  • When in doubt always ignore
  • Share the contact number with the network and all anti-fraud social medium platforms
  • Avoid sharing ANY sensitive information with anyone on line
  • Always share your experience so you can help in providing awareness


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