Dubai Visa Agent Got Caught 4years After He Scammed Me

A man explains how he caught a Dubai visa agent that scammed hi.

Today is not going to be a usual Dubai – Job – Career related topic, I’ll be talking about a guy that scammed me and many people in Dubai and Nigeria some years ago.

It all happened back in 2017 Jan when I was trying to sponsor my brother to come on 3months visa to Dubai.

Due to the issue of Dubai Agents fraudulent activities, I decided to play safe and consult a travel agency in Dubai while I was based in Al Ain.

The discussion started all through Company mail, not Yahoo or Gmail mail and later moved to whatsapp.

After long delibration, I was sure I was dealing with agency and I asked him to give me details which I can transfer the advance money into

He sent me the name and details and I sent 2000aed through an Exchange Facility. After about 9days he sent me a visa through a different email, not company email. It was a Friday, and I was suspicious because I felt nobody works of Friday.

I sent the visa to a friend to help me verify if it is genuine and he came back to me telling it was fake.

My world was upside down, because I struggled to get the money and I thought I was careful enough.

I started sending mails to his company several times and they kept bouncing my mail from one department to the other in the name of investigation.

After a couple weeks, he sent me 500aed as part refund, then blocked me on whatsapp.

I started with my mail to the Traveling agency again and they told me the guy has gone on vacation.

I searched all social media at this point and found people complaining about him, posting video of him in Ibadan collecting visa money and never producing any visa and several pictures of him from different people.

At this point I gave up on chasing him.

Fast forward to about 3weeks, I just dey Waka jeje on the street of Twitter and guess what? I saw his picture as dp.

I contacted my brother and told him to act like he wants to make visa and try to flush him out. He started the FBI job and they fixed a meeting for today.

I went back to all the sent items in my Gmail and printed all the conversations we had that I forwarded to the company and all the receipts my payment and the receipt of his refund.

He met my brother at the metro and I sneaked up to them and challenged him immediately with my receipt of payment.

He denied instantly that the name I sent money to was not his name. I was sure he was the one and I said better we go and settle this at the police station. He agreed and we walked to the police station nearby.

He denied again that his name was not the one on my payment receipt, then I brought out the receipt of his 500aed refund………….

That was it!

He was the one that sent the refund.

He confessed that YES he collected the money and already paid back 500.

He promised to pay the remaining 1500aed by month end, but the Police said it’s too far, I had to tell the Police that I’m fine with month end, I just don’t want same to happen again. And the Policeman promised me himself, that he won’t do it again because they will do their procedure.

At the end of the day, I was asked to take his ID picture and go home while he stayed behind

Lo and Behold!!!

He is carrying a Cameroonian passport and ID…..

I left him there and went back home, waiting to hear any update.

I have been contacted by 2people that he scammed as well, one of them 700k.

I’ll wait till month end to see what happen before deciding if I can share his details with anyone that he scammed, provided they still have evidence.

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