Fraud Background Checks For Churches & Other Religious Institutions.

Religious houses rely on the support and assistance of a wide variety of people besides their own leaders and administrative staff, such as volunteers, organizers, and others, who have access to youth, elderly, and other individuals who take part in activities organized or supported by their religious houses.

For years, GFF has supported churches and religious organizations with cost-effective custom screening packages and free fraud advice.

This recession period has shown us that every industry is not left out of this scourge; hence the need to be protected from Financial, reputational and Security risks is essential. Religious homes are also not left out of this scourge

To this end we have Customize a Fraud Verification Solution for your Religious home

  1. Start with a criminal database search
    • Multi-jurisdictional database search of criminal records on provided name
    • Offender registry check of records from all 36 states on provided name
    • Terrorist watch list (such as OFAC) on provided name


  1. Supplement with direct searches at specific courthouses
    • Enter the subject’s Voters Card, Driver’s license, international passport number to search for any previous and present convictions
  2. Verify key facts from the resume for critical or highly sensitive posts
    • Employment Verification for confirmation of relevant prior employment
    • Education Verification for confirmation of relevant degrees
    • Reference Verification for a more subjective look at an applicant
  3. Add any role-specific reports or verifications
    • Motor vehicle reports for positions requiring driving
    • Credit reports for financially-sensitive positions
    • Drug testing for safety-sensitive positions
    • Professional license verifications for verification of formal qualifications

Kindly feel free to contact us for all your verification needs or any fraud related queries

Charles Bell

Senior Product Innovation Consultant

Ensuring Fraud Compliance is our competence



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