GF Forensics Consultants Ltd & Lagos State Security Trust Fund trains Rapid Response Squad

On the 7th November 2018, Lagos State Security Trust Fund in collaboration with GF Forensics Consultants Limited hosted a course for members of the Rapid Response squad titled ‘Telecommunications Training as a tool for Smart Policing in Lagos State.

The course combines telecoms fraud investigations with digital forensics and explains to the participants the nature of telecoms and IT fraud, how to detect fraudulent activities, and most importantly how to investigate any type of telecoms fraud. It also explored the various possible avenues of IT investigations. The training focuses on telecoms fraud techniques, fraud detection tools, cases of crime and kidnapping, practically investigation of telecoms frauds, collection of evidence/documentation which can stand the test of legal scrutiny and write succinct, factual reports.

It used a lot of case studies designed to give participants a clear idea of real-world frauds and how the techniques that can be deployed to identify the fraudsters and determine the extent and exact nature of the fraud. The course has been designed by Global fraud & Forensics Consultants Limited.

Other highlights Includes:

  • Understanding nature of fraud and fraudsters
  • Understanding the various types of telecoms fraud
  • How to request for telecoms  data from the Telcos
  • How to use data collected to track and identify suspects
  • Data Analytics for Fraud Detection and Investigation
  • Evidence Presentation
  • Report Writing


Some of the feedback received at the end of the course from the officers are as follows:

‘The course has been an opener, more knowledge acquired and it affords one the ability to resolve crimes & telecoms related fraud.’

‘It was a very unique and enlightening course. It will aid us in better and effective delivery in terms of crime fighting.’

‘My knowledge and technical know-how in Telecoms Crime fighting is broadened. The Faculty was simply fantastic’.

‘The course was interactive and I learnt enough to be able to support my job.’



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