How I Almost Got Scammed at Berger Car Depot. Read And Be Wise


So it happened on the 22nd of January 2021.

I wanted to buy a Toyota camry 2013 for a client who already sent me some money to buy it at budget of 3.9m or 4m+ if seen. So I was in search of this car here and there. I checked all car platforms then I saw a red Camry 2012. I call the number (I had no true caller on my phone as at this time. We spoke briefly, said she will get back.

A woman later reached out to me saying we just spoke concerning the camry, that one has been sold. But I have another one at Berger. How much do you want you spend I said 3.8m even if its 011 or 012 its ok.

She said fine. Start heading for mile two. When you get there call ife 07039281760 he is my boy and he waiting for you at the office. I called. He told me to drop at UBA in Berger that he will pick me up. When I got to UBA i dropped called and he came. Then i followed him to see the car his madam said i should come and buy.

I saw the Camry it was super neat. I sent it to my client. He loved it. He just called said I should go ahead and buy it for him. I said okay.

Actually the car cost due to its grade is around 5.5million. But the person the phone who led me here the supposed madam of ife assured me not to worry that the car belongs to her and her husband and she has spoken with her husband that I can make payment to her and she will sort it out.

Meanwhile she already told the people there whom are the owners of the cars that I am just a mechanic that I came to help her confirm car and that she is the one pay. That they should let me test drive the car.


I test drove and I loved the car. She called me after the test drive and said do I like it. I said yes. So she sent me her account details as seen below

GT bnk
Name: Oshinubi Adeola oluwabumi

Her number: +234 808 679 8163

She said once I have paid I send my full name and address for receipt, also I must send proof of payment to her too. I said ok

Then I requested to see the man that own the car for real. I need to see him. He then came out, I told him all the conversations I have been having on phone and that she said she has spoken to you that I can pay 3.7m for this car. The man said no one spoke to him about any payment. That he was told on phone ife gave him to answer that I am just a mechanic. That once I have confirmed she will pay…she even went on to collect the man’s (owner) account details

So the man said well. If you are chatting with this lady and you are the buyer. Call her on video call let’s see her to confirm all. I then called her on video call, she declined and called me direct. The owner took the phone from me. And said I thought you said he is your mechanic. You are you asking him to send you 3.7m for a car worth 5.5m.

If you truly want to buy this car send us the balance now he will pay us the 3.7m here then he can go with the car. Then at this point the she ended the call and deleted her account details from the chat as seen in the image below. But I have already forwarded it out.


Anyways that’s how she blocked me on WhatsApp and the ife guy was saying that he knows nothing about it. That the lady called him out of the blues and told him a mechanic was coming to check a car for her. Bla bla bla bla..

I immediately refunded my client his money first as seen below


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