I MARRIED A SCAMMER !! Exclusive HD Documentary with subtitles

In 2013 and then 2015, a Nigerian Scammer pretending to be a bank official contacted me and a ScamBaiting friend, trying to scam us. We baited him on each occasion and in 2015 he sent a woman to meet my character in England (an elderly, disabled man), to collect a large sum of cash from me. I covertly filmed and photographed her when she came to collect the money. The bait ended and we forgot all about it until 2017, when I recognised the woman’s picture in a newspaper article. She had actually married this Scammer and was trying to get him into UK. Here’s the true story… I am eternally grateful to our intrepid video editor, Alex who edited this production and made such a good job from my amateur footage. Thanks again, Alex. I hope that you will enjoy the video. WHO ARE WE? We are a group of people who waste Scammers’ time. We are from UK, Europe, USA, Asia, and Nigeria. We operate to strict and long-established Rules and Ethics. We call ‘419’ Scammers who want to steal our money. Each has pretended to be a Government Official, Bank Officer, Barrister, etc, etc, and lied, claiming to have millions of dollars for me. All I have to do is send a fee (for a courier, or legal documents, or this or that) and the monies will be mine! Of course, this is advance fee fraud and there are no millions, just a loathsome thief who would rob me (or you) blind if he could. We do NOT support racism, bullying, or harassment. These criminals contacted us. They believe they have deceived us. They want to steal our life savings, regardless of the misery they would leave behind. We raise – and dash – their expectations, waste their time, which they would otherwise be using to find real victims, and cause them a little well-deserved disappointment. PS: Check us out on FaceBook and Twitter to see pics of more Scammers sent across Europe & UK on Wild Goose Chases! https://www.facebook.com/baitercentral/https://twitter.com/ScamBaitCentral © 2017 ‘ScamBait Central’ All Videos and Audio contained in this account are protected by United Kingdom and United States copyright law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast without the prior written permission of the videographer ‘ScamBait Central’. Contact the videographer if you wish to obtain permission to download a video or screenshot or audio or redisplay a video or image or audio on this or another website. All characters played by me and by Dr Mike and also by the Scammer and any companies depicted in this upload are entirely fictitious. The Scammer is a real person who contacted us using false details and tried to steal our money. I pretended to be a victim in order to waste their time, falsely raise their expectations, and in so doing help to keep them away from real prospective victims. To achieve this audio brilliance takes weeks, months, even years of skilful baiting. I discard 95% of my recordings and only upload the very best to this Channel. Any similarity to actual events, real companies, or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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  1. Why do people still.fall victim to this sort of fraud till today

    I don’t think enough awarnesss is being done locally in Nigeria and there is no enforcement of penalty in Nigeria

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