Install Car Tracking Devices In Your Vehicles (it’s Important)

With the high rate of insecurity, car theft and kidnapping. It’s best you try to buy peace of mind.
Buying and installing a car tracking device with auto stop/restart features is the way to go, it comes with a lot of benefit which I would list below.

You can always know where your can is at every point by just sending a simple command. It doesn’t end there, You can also know if the car is in motion or its just parked somewhere.

You can also listen to conversations being held in the car with a simple monitor command. You will hear what the are saying but they can never hear you.

You can send a stop command to your car at what ever location the car is and it would stop immediately. To start the car once again you just have to send a simple resume engine command.

It also comes with geofencing that way you get email and text notification if you car is leaving a particular location and also exceeding a certain speed limit set.

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