Mba Trading And Capital Investment Limited Is A Scam

MBA owned by Maxwell.W.Odum and Vodina West is a pure scam! They planned this all along. He told us that they were certified by SEC which eventually turned out to be false. He told us that MBA was insured, which also turned out to be false. He told us over and over that he has reserved money to pay back investors should anything go wrong, this also turned out to be false. He told us that no ROI will be lost, as we all know this turned out to be false now he said he was going to refund capitals and as we all see what is currently happening, is also is nothing but lies. This man is just filled with so much lies!

MBA does not have any issue or issues with CBN or SEC, it was his greedy attitude that lead to this problem.

MBA is NOT ready to refund capital this is why they come up with different excuses, if 360k verified huge savers still receiving capital since 15th till now and still on it, please ask yourself when 400k,500k verified huge saver will get their capital. remember there’s still a lot of 360k, 400k, 500k huge saver that are yet to be verified.. now when will payment get to 600k, 700, 1m, 2m to 10m on huge saver… When will smart fund saver start to receive capital from 360k to millions, then offline investors too, from 360k to millions.. how many years will it take before u’ll be paid?

He doesn’t even have money to pay back if he is compelled to do so. The only money on him now is money from people that invested in October and November 2020 which he Maxwell intentionally deceived them to raise some funds to make make case should anyone want to make case with him.

Now he has invested so much on e-hoodlums and e-thugs who claim they’ve been paid meanwhile they are not even investors! You can’t even say anything about your money in any of the online groups, they’d block you instantly and delete your comment. Maxwell Odum is a criminal and must rot in jail. He will never get away with this!

We don’t need to deceive ourselves.. MBA is not ready to refund capital, what me I think is that they want to restructure new MBA, so by 4th Feb they will come up with their plans on how new MBA will be. I tell you investors will not have choice than to migrate and continue with new MBA and receive ROI. Waiting for capital refund, you will wait till eternity. But eventually they’d fold up and disappear completely with our capitals.

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