Must-ask questions for background checks

Published on May 14, 2019

Dog walkers, babysitters, deliveries, and more. How much do you know about the strangers you let into your home? What do you know about the background checks done on these employees? Here are four must-ask questions for anyone you welcome into your house. ABC7 wants to help make the Bay Area an even better place to live. So we dedicate more time, resources, and reporting to the major stories that impact the local quality of life. From the housing crisis, to our schools, and frustrating commutes, ABC7’s goal is to bring you greater perspective on the challenges facing our neighborhoods right now.

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1 thought on “Must-ask questions for background checks”

  1. If this is done in Africa . We would be able to curb 90% of crime that occurs

    Same applies to vendor verifications before contracts are awarded

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