Nigeria; Corruption, Land Confiscation Blamed For Rising Poverty

There is a need for enlightenment on this matters

Poverty is fast rising because there are lots of illiterate persons in public office and ethnic bigotry has supportely put an end to selfless service. Obviously as it may seem and tends to be denied by the people publicly in order to avoid illegal arrest and assault, we dont have a functioning government as at now, some ideas are generated rightly but mostly pushed at a most valid wrong time, consistent lack of priority and immature responses to critical issues and sometimes no response to some, God help us all in Nigeria.

It does happen everywhere, I mean in every other country of the world, but in Nigeria, it’s worse because it goes on consistently unchecked and lightly handled even by those who swore to protect the Land, hence my sounding reason for a revolution and a re-orientation for the youths to saddle up and put up bright ideas into initiation, God help us all once more.

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