Abubakar Rasheed, executive secretary of the National Universities Commission (NUC), says the commission has uncovered about 100 fake professors across Nigerian universities.

Raheed said this in a bulletin published by the commission in November.

He said details of the fake professors have been published on the official website of the commission and that their names have been sent out to various universities for verification.

“The updated version of those documents will be published by December 2019 and professors in their respective universities uploaded their CV on the website which was used in the compilation of the directory,” he said.

”About 100 fake professors also uploaded their details but we detected them. This measure helped in identifying fake professors in the system. The fight against fake professors is a collective responsibility.”

Rasheed asked vice chancellors to be meticulous and to tackle the problems in their institutions.

Shuaibu Ibrahim, director-general of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), during a meeting with vice chancellors and NUC ES, had complained that some corps members’ degree certificates obtained from some prestigious universities were questionable.



NUC identifies 100 ‘fake university professors’


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This should be a thing of the past in Nigeria . Professors with fake degree means there is been NO education for years

How did this happen ?

Who should be held accountable ?