Police in Eastern China’s Anhui Province have detained 62 people over a massive telecom fraud. The fraud caused the 62 people swindled over $1.77 million out of more than 1,500 victims across the country. Earlier in January 2019, a victim surnamed, Qiu, reported to the local Police Chuzhou city that he had been cheated of about 3,500 yuan by telecom fraud. After a thorough investigation, Police noticed several similar cases happening across China and the money was transferred to different bank accounts in Ezhou city, Central China’s Hubei Province. Police said the suspects used social media to lure victims into investing in international futures on a fake platform where the background data could be freely manipulated. On Jan. 16, the Police launched a raid, to capture 62 in Ezhou, where the gang was based. Two vehicles, 80 computers, 67 cell phones and 109 bank cards were confiscated on the site. Further investigation is underway.

Read More at: https://leadership.ng/2019/01/25/police-arrests-62-over-1-77m-telecom-fraud/

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