Protest Breaks Out In London Over Alleged $1million Bribe To UK Embassy’s Officials In Nigeria







Some concerned Britons have demanded the resignation of the country’s High Commissioner to Nigeria and other consulate officials alleged to have taken bribes during an election that held in Nigeria .

Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State reportedly traded $1 million kickbacks to the British diplomats in exchange of false and misleading information about the role of the Nigerian military in that election .

After the polls, the propaganda agenda of the governor were brought to the limelight, leaving several British citizens utterly disappointed.

It was no surprise, a group, UK Matters Most stormed No10 Downing Street, Buckingham Palace as well as the Westminister Parliament all in London to demand for the Prime Minister to take prompt action. Watch video below.

In a letter to Her Majesty, the Queen of England and copied the Prime Minister and signed by the Convener , James Moore, the High Commissioner and his supposed allies in the UK embassy have dragged the country in the mud by wilfully obliging to be manipulated.

“ The reputation of Britain has been dragged to the mud by such unpatriotic consulate officers in the British High Commission in Nigeria who by their actions misled the British government about the involvement of the military in the elections in Nigeria,” Mr Moore began.

“ We are constrained to lend our voice to this issue due to the adverse effect it might have on some of us living in Nigeria in terms of backlash and our integrity and hard-earned reputation which we have strived to build over the years.

“ These consulate officers through their agents were lobbied and subsequently induced financially by the Governor of Rivers State in Nigeria, Governor Nysome Wike with the sum of $1 million to send in a false report on the role of the security agencies in the elections in Rivers state.

“ They have consequently mandated to state that the Nigerian military took sides with the ruling All Progressive Party during the elections in Rivers states to discredit the electoral process before the eyes of the international community. And consequently, the price tag was $1million.

“ We have it on competent authority how these monies were distributed shamefully amongst the consulate officers at the British High Commission at the detriment of the dignity of the Crown and the reputation and interest of Britain which they represent in Nigeria.

“ Worrisome is the fact that the British High Commission in Nigeria has for inexplicable reasons refused to clear the air on the bribery allegations even though it has become cover stories in some newspapers in Nigeria (

“ We are constrained to state that there is a possibility that the British High Commissioner to Nigeria might be an accomplice in all the happenings hence the silence posturing it has taken since news of the bribery allegations hit the public domain. This is an embarrassment to Her Majesty The Queen of England, and the people of Britain.

“ These consulate officers have consequently brought dishonour to the United Kingdom through their despicable action that has fallen short of the British guidelines for the conduct of envoys and emissaries of the United Kingdom operating abroad.

“ It is consequently desirable for the Prime Minister to kick-start the process of recalling the consulate officers at the British High Commission in Nigeria and to initiate an investigation as to why they allowed themselves to be involved in politics (Rivers State), and how the monies were shared between them.

“ Also instructive to add that this despicable action has misled the British government to act in error by its statement about the Nigerian military involvement in the electoral process in the country.

“ We are embarrassed by the action of these individuals who by all conditions have lost their dignity and sense of responsibility by receiving/collecting monies from government officials in Rivers State. We consequently protest their continued stay in the High Commission and Nigeria.

“ The British government must as a matter of urgency initiate this probe to save Her Majesty, the Queen of England from disrepute.

“ The Prime Minister must demand their resignation from the British High Commission in Nigeria with immediate effect to save our country from further dishonour and shame.

“ This call is urgent and must be treated as such in the overall interest of the reputation of people of the United Kingdom, especially those of us resident in Nigeria, who have had to put up a defence for our country’s image that has been put on the line by these consulate officers.

“ Prime Minister, there is an urgency of action before you in the bid to save Her Majesty the Queen, and our country. We trust that the Prime Minister would treat this with all seriousness and decisions taken in the interest of the British People.”

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