Technology that can kill Fake News is here …

Do you know anyone that is being impacted by fake news?

Do you know any organization that is being impacted by fake news

Do you know any institution that is being impacted by fake new?



We finally have a solution that can curb this menace near real time


GF- Forensics in collaboration  has an AI tool that can track fake news near real time which high net worth individuals, political parties and government agencies can use to automatically identify which stories are fake and which are real.


History has shown us that even Government agencies and Ministries are not left out of this scourge, hence the need to be protected.


Our tool will help to achieve the following;


  • Identify the origin of the false content
  • Report the content to social networks to help take it down (According to Face book – flagged stories see 80% drop in impressions within 2-3 days)
  • Publish written materials refuting the false claims
  • Curb fake news that gives negative impact


GF Forensics is made up of experienced ANTI-FRAUD staff who have come together to use our vast fraud and forensics knowledge to provide a unique anti-fraud solution


The team is available at your convenience to discuss any questions or clarifications you may have .


We look forward to collaborating with your organization to help reduce fraud/fraudulent practices. /+ 2348053589243

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