Early December 2018, a  lady got murdered at Alaka estate, Surulere, by the driver who had copied their keys & came to burgle the house when he knew her husband & herself had gone out for a wedding.  Unfortunately, she forgot the envelope she wanted to give  the bride’s mother and they had to turn back. She went in, leaving her husband in the car. She found the driver ransacking their bedroom.  On confronting him, he attacked & strangled her. Her husband wondering why she was taking too long, went in to check on her – and found her lifeless body.
The driver had ran out through the back and scaled their fence to a neighbour’s compound, but was apprehended by the guard who wanted to know what he was doing there.  By this time the husband had raised an alarm.
The driver was handed over to the police.
There has been many cases of domestic workers murdering their employers recently.
We should try and limit trust of our drivers and helps generally, and don’t send them to where we keep our possessions – or even talk about financial matters around them.  Especially those of us 60 and above or women and men who live alone!
Most of them have hidden agendas, no matter how well you look after them.
God will continue to be with us all and give us His adequate protection. Amen
She was Mrs. Jolasun Okusanya – former registrar of Pharmacists Council of Nigeria. May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Amen…

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