Using Background Checks to Reduce Cost and Ensure Compliance

Why do we have vendors in Africa who are unable to carry out contract effectively? Why do we have roads that are not motorable? Why do we have buildings collapsing? Why do we have workers who are unable to carry out their duties effectively? Why do we have workers who are unable to communicate effectively both orally and in writing? Why do we still have cases of imposters writing exams on behalf of other people? We presently have a HIGH number of students attending universities and colleges out of the country, how are we sure that they actually graduated? How do we know who is really entitled to government grants or loans?

Our Fraud and Forensics Background Checks would ensure we only use people with relevant experience and integrity to carry our contracts. Fraud and forensics background checks should not be limited to staff working in the organisation, but should also be extended to vendors registered on your database, students gaining admissions into universities, lecturers, teachers , domestic and unskilled staff. We can also check the veracity of the information in a prospective candidates CV or application form, as one study has showed that half of all reference checks done on prospective employees differed between what the job applicant provided and what was discovered during the investigation.

Not conducting a thorough background investigation from reputable companies  may result in recruitment errors, which may go undetected for years, resulting in square pegs in round wholes. Our investigations helps you, the employer, pick the best candidate for Job and most importantly we can help you as an employer fulfil your obligation to make sure your work environment is safe for all employees and help prevent other employment problems in the workplace.

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